Merlin Schaefer

Hi all!

I have implemented a state-based model to study the timing of migration in white storks within the DFG/DIP-project “Understanding lifetime tracks and fitness of long-distance avian migrants”. Within the project, also lots of tracking data was collected and I would like to bring together the essence of this data with my model predictions.

I am especially interested in integrating animal movement analysis with ecological modelling in order to better understand the potential impacts of changes in climate and land-use on migrants like the white stork but also the trade-offs in their decision-making and existing carry-over effects.

It will be great to meet you and to learn more with and from you during this summer school.

You can reach me at the Department for Plant Ecology & Nature Conservation, University of Potsdam, Germany, via…


Phone: +49 (0)331 977 1938.

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