Some remarks about putting images in a wiki-page

Putting an image in a wiki page is embarrassingly simple:

You can upload an image by clicking on the little painting-icon when you are editing a wiki-page, and subsequently you can include the image by typing:


in your wiki-page.

When uploading your photo, try to reduce it to a reasonable size, e.g. 300 x 400 pixels.

Alternatively, you can just give a URL to an image somewhere, so that you do not even have to upload your image, e.g.:


If you want to scale (often decrease) the size at which your image is displayed: you can do so by giving a value like


which tells that the picture should be displayed at a width of 250 pixels (the height is then scaled proportionally).

If you want to know more: read the wiki syntax explanation.

Please contact Lourens Veen if you have any technical problems with the wiki.