I have a master degree in Biology at Lund University with focus on large-scale movement in migratory birds as presented by individual-based miniaturized data loggers. This is reflected in the titles of my bachelor thesis (at Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden): Population trends and migration strategies in European Nightjars, Caprimulgus europaeus, breeding in southern Sweden, and master thesis (at Lund University): A life on the wings: tracking the migration and winter movement of European Pallid Swifts Apus pallidus by using miniature geolocators. The courses I have taken within my master program span across a rather wide set of specializations; from the field of Geographical Information Science via theoretical ecology and modelling to evolutionary- and molecular ecology.

Outside the academic world I am a keen bird ringer with several years of experience at Ottenby Bird Observatory at Öland, Sweden as well as from a number of research-based excursions around the globe. This have helped me to further broaden my insights of the importance of both timing and capacity in individual migratory birds to efficiently schedule large-scale movement along with other important annual events such as reproduction and feather moult in a seasonally fluctuating environment. In my current position as a PhD student (from August 2014), with prof. Susanne Åkesson as my main advisor, my overall aims are to study the movement ecology in aerial insectivorous birds.

I am looking forward to meet inspiring researchers with whom I can share and discuss thoughts in animal movement and tracking techniques!

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